We recommend all our valued clients to please read over and be aware of our business policies and practises so that you are aware of your obligations and responsibilities when you enter into agreements for design services or products with us. Mistakes do happen, and although Shadow Creative takes great strides in doing all we can to prevent conflicts, it it your responsibility as the consumer to ensure you are aware of what you are approving and consenting to pay for, publish or have printed.





Deposits are non-refundable for ANY reason. If you have submitted a deposit with the intention of having us provide a product or service, then we have begun design work to do so.

Deposits are required in order to have us begin your project. Work will not begin until the invoice we issue is paid in full. The remaining 50% deposit is due before your project is published online or before files are sent to press. If you require a 'rush' job on your product, then you are responsible for a rush payment to us so we can get your pieces to you in due time.




We are not responsible for any errors, whether in phone numbers, emails, addresses or names or content or otherwise as it is you the client who signs off on all artwork before it is published or sent to the press. We assume no responsibility for printed errors in colour or content or image provided us or approved for press. If this peice is important to you, then have 2-3 other sets of eyes proof over it. More often then not, mistakes were right in front of you.




Shadow Creative's quotes for project work are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue on the quote. We reserve the right to refuse old quotes and old pricing simply because much of the work we do is dependant on other factors such as US/Canadian exchange rates and current press rates. Our quotes are valid for 30 days, no longer.




Once signed, Shadow Creative's contracts are considered firm intent to proceed with the design services outlined within the contract, and seen as you the client having entered into agreement with us the provider. Contracts are valid for a period of one year once paid for in full, and considered void and null if first or second deposit are not made within a period of 30 days from the date of invoice issue. We reserve the right to "end" a contractual agreement at any time and for any reason. Deposits are non-refundable.




Artwork Sign-Off is reccomended for all projects, and may be done via our form-page here or by a simple email to us outlining the project/artwork proof you are consenting to approve. Shadow Creative is not liable for reprinting/redesign costs due to mistakes found in printed or published pieces. This is your marketing piece, and therefore your responsibility to carefully proof-read before giving your consent. In the event no sign-off was obtained, received, required or was waived, liability will not be the responsibility of Shadow Creative.




Ownership of artwork remains the full property of Shadow Creative until paid for in full. Failure to make payment for all invoices you are issued within 30 days will result in your online content being taken down, or your project ceasing to move forward. We are not responsible for delays at the press and make no promises as to deadlines. If you require a proof or a copy of a design, you will be given one as your final "sign-off". Additional requests will be billed time and invoiced. We do not give out original design files unless you specifically requested them before entering into agreement with us. All artwork is kept on our server for a period of 5 years, after which it is long-term archived.




Office hours are Monday through Thursday 10 am to 5pm. We do not work on stat holidays or weekends. This includes emails and phonecalls which are business related. We are often very busy with many clients, meetings and projects and ask that you realize you are not our only client and that we do our best to serve everyone in turn. As a courtesy we turn our phones off during client meetings and while driving. Phonecalls/text messages/emails will be returned within 36 hours, or usually the very next business day. If you are unable to reach us a simple text to call you back works great.

Turnaround time for website edits is 5 business days, meaning if you request an edit on Monday, it will be completed by the following Monday. If you require urgent work or edits, we will bill at a higher shop rate to accommodate this.




Hourly rates and project pricing are outlined on our pricing page, and are subject to change at any time. Pricing is also subject to all applicable British Columbia tax. Pieces printed outside Canada will be quoted & billed with exchange rates and shipping fees added, and total pricing will be clearly outlined in all invoices. We will always provide a quote if asked.





Payments of invoices are due by 5PM on the date indicated on the invoice, OR due in full at time of issue when no date is present. Due dates on invoices may vary to comply with renewal fees for yearly hosting or domains and will be indicated clearly on our invoices. Payments can be made by cash in person, by cheque either mailed or in person, or by bank transfer. Please make all cheques out to Shadow Creative.





Any amount outstanding after payment due date will accrue 1.75% DAILY INTEREST on the total amount owing until the full amount is paid. This amount will be applied to the next invoice. In the event of an unpaid/delinquent website hosting/domain renewal your website will be turned off by the Server until all outstanding amounts and interest accrued are paid in full. In the event of a website disconect by the server, there is $250 reconnect fee [*As of January 2016, this is now in US DOLLARS which you are responsible for the exchange rate and bank fees associated with this amount.] These amounts will have to be pre-paid before your website will be turned on again. During this time your website may go down for up to four weeks, and will lose Google ranking. Please note that I am a reseller and have no control over the server on these issues. In the event you simply "missed a payment" I will do everything in my power to prevent your site from being turned off. No Graphic Designer wants to see their beloved websites go down and I will do everything in my power to prevent this, SO please pay bills on time!!!




Thank you for taking the time to read over our policies, feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we look forward to designing the next big thing for you and your business!

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